Friday, March 12, 2010


It took a fair amount of motivation to get myself out the door to ski today.  I know ~ ridiculous. 

It was totally worth it!  I had fresh fluffy runs, fast groomer runs, and mashed potato runs.

I ripped a fast groomer to the sugarloaf lift so I could hike to the top of Baldy for the first time.  It was a little after 3pm and the gate was already closed.  I cruised around the corner to hike the other side of Baldy, much lower -- but above the Ballroom.

I heard someone behind me so I turned to see how close they were, pulling to the side of the path so they could pass.  It was Ski Patrol.  He said, "I'm hiking up to close the gate, if you want to go you need to be in front of me."

I was already breathing heavy but I sucked it up and focused, one side step after another.  I got thru the gate, unzipped my jacket (and the side vents on my pants).  I looked back and noticed that Mr. Ski Patrol had been kind enought to give me some space because he was still side stepping up the hill.

I asked if he could pass me now that I was thru the gate.  He said I was good to go now that I was thru the gate.  He was going a different way, dropping down to close another gate.  So I hiked a bit higher, more slowly now, and made a few fresh fluffy turns.

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