Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 43 ~ I heart powder.

As far as I know, no one is reading my blog, so I'll complain about my knee once more.  It was hurting soooooo bad two days ago (after my open to close day of powder skiing).  Everytime I bent my left knee I would get sharp shooting pains.  It actually woke me up aching in the night.  Even vitamin 'I' wasn't helping.  OK, enough about the pain.  Now, here is the solution:  YOGA! 

I went to class on Saturday morning.  I couldn't believe the result -- after class I had freedom in my knee.  It didn't ache.  I could move & bend it.  Even though I love yoga and I practice regularly, I was amazed!

As a result of the wonderful therapeutic nature of practicing yoga I was able to go ski today.  I only took 5 runs but I hiked for each of them - and it was so worth it!

I know it is almost the same picture from a couple of days ago but it is a different location (the shoulder, not gunsight) and LOOK; fresh, unskied powder.  So good -- I hiked this same route 4 different times to keep experiencing it.
View of my hike up - looking towards Baldy.

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