Monday, February 01, 2010

8 Year Old Inspiration

I spent the last 3 days skiing at Deer Valley with two super cool 8 year old girls.  I want to begin by recinding a statement from an earlier post about not being impressed by Deer Valley.  I had so much fun skiing with these young ladies that my opinion of Deer Valley is forever changed.

Molly & Emmie.  Molly is from St. Louis & Emmie is from San Diego.  They are cousins.  They were both skiing on Roxy skis and were comfortable rockin' the pizza down almost any hill.  We worked on side slipping because they wanted to ski steeper terrain.  Deer Valley really is a great resort.  There is a lot of terrain and some of the runs are just ideal for learning.

They took me in the trees when I let them lead. . .giggling as we looked between the tight aspens so our skis would follow.  By the second day, Molly was teaching her younger brother how to side slip so he could come with us on our adventure through the glades.

The last day we were blessed with fresh powder.  We spent the day "pointing it" thru the fresh fluff and being dazzled by the snowflakes landing on our bright ski clothes as we rode the lift. 

The best way to sum up these 3 days (I think Molly & Emmie would echo me in this statement) - "I love skiing!!!"

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