Friday, February 26, 2010


Where to ski?  When to drop in? 

As the chair lift approaches the top of the mountain I'm often still deciding where I'm going to ski on this particular run.  This morning I hit the singles line and caught Aron & Mike on the Backside.  Aron's outifit is so easy to spot from a distance.  They got there early and had one of the first chairs.  I was a little off the back, I arrived just as they opened the lift.  I knew it was just opening because I heard the cheer as I walked up to the line.

I was deciding where I was going to ski my first run when I spotted Aron on the crest of a hike that leads up to the Backside.  I hiked up and could see them a short distance in front of me.  Everyone had the same idea so their was a line of people slowly hiking up.  I realized right away that I had overdressed.  I hiked a bit further and I wasn't tired but there were so many people in front of me that I decided to drop in early.  It was fun!  It was good!  I couldn't help wondering if I should've hiked a little further though.

Something similar happened in the Ballroom.  There was a massive line of people, backed up, headed out on the higher traverse.  We took a lower entry and Aron told me to go around him so he could wait for Mike.  I was a little annoyed because I dropped even lower on the traverse.  I took a quick look up and saw the line of people above me.  I instantly decided it was time to drop in.  It was well worth it!  So I dropped in early again.

I rode the Wildcat lift and hiked up the shoulder from the otherside, hoping I would miss some of the crowds.  I did.  I hiked pretty high and had a fun run but when I looked back I realized I could've dropped in much earlier (had way less hiking) and a bit more powder.  ;) 

Unfortunately, I had to cut my day short to come home and wait for a new washing machine to be delivered.  I went and bought my current favorite snack:  Trilogy flavored Synergy (Kombucha) and a chocolate chip cookie.  YUM!  Now I'm waiting for the washing machine.

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