Thursday, February 25, 2010


It is going to be tough to get another 50 days in, considering it is the end of February.  With all the snow in the La Sals, though, it could be possible.

I was a little lonely today.  The skiing was really good, even though it was heavy, that helped take my mind off of skiing alone.  The benefits of skiing alone include:  you can ski where you want and you can ski at your own pace. 

I had some really amazing runs today.  Floating on top of the snow.  Bouncing in the soft fluffiness from turn to turn. 

It is satisfying to feel the results of my practice.  I feel more fit and I feel more confident on my skis.  I'm also having more fun because I can ski faster and tougher lines.  I would like to make it a goal to ski a few days in the backcountry this March.

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