Sunday, February 21, 2010


After spending four days, not skiing, with kids I was so excited to ski on my own that I was bubbling inside.  I saw Aron as I was walking to the line-up and called his name.  He heard me so we were able to ride the chair together.  He had been working and his client had decided to stop skiing a couple hours early because he was tired. 

We did a warm-up run off of the High T and then I suggested we do Gunsight.  It turns out I hadn't done Gunsight yet.  Part of the approach involves traversing with a rope across rocks.  Early in the season we traversed across rocks on our skis but this was different.  My first thought was that my skis will slip on the rocks. 

When it was time to let go of the rope I received a shot of adreneline charged by fear.  I slowly looked back and held onto the rope for another moment.  I experimented with my footing to insure I felt safe.  I let go and looked up in the direction I was headed.  My skis stuck as I took one step and then another, side stepping up the hill.  Once I was off the rocks and on the soft snow my mind reflected back, "that wasn't so bad."

We ran into Big Al & Hayden.  It was super fun to ski a few runs with them.

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