Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 30 ~ Better with a friend

Saturday.  Even a bunch of fresh snow couldn't get me to sit in the shit show of traffic headed up the canyon this morning.  I waited it out, thought it was safe, and found it was still backed up to the stoplight by our house.  So I went around the block and spent an hour shoveling the driveway.  It was still snowing so I figured I would let the crowds thin out before I headed up to enjoy what mother nature has decided to drop on us for days now.

I went out again, around 11 am, and felt like it was a wise decision.  I hit a little bit of slow traffic near the top as people were parked everywhere along the road outside of Snowbird.

By Noon I was skiing. By 1:30ish I came off the rope tow from 3rds and I wasn't feeling very motivated.  I went into the Goldminer's Daughter for a hot chocolate.  They have the best hot chocolate.  They mix Ghiradelli syrup with whole milk in the morning and then they steam it to order.  I ran into Jack while I was ordering my hot chocolate. 

We decided to take a run together and it changed my day.  He was so much fun!  There is just something about having a friend to reflect the joy of the experience with.

We skied far right off of Thirds, which I had never done.  He took me thru the Willows (I almost lost a ski).  Jack said, "just run right into the willows."  "You can ski right over them."  Well, I did run right into one.  I think he meant the little ones.  It was super fun and fast, a gully of fresh powder.

I finished my day on another run I had never done.  I skied off of Wildcat to the P-Dog.  Jack said, just stay farther left than you think you need to.  It was fun exploring and there was nobody over there. 

More Snow Tonight!!

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