Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Deer Valley Sucks.  I know, that is harsh.  I'm sure it has some attributes that I missed because of the lack of snow.  Thankfully, we had beer and funny outfits so our day was still a great deal of fun!

"As good as you're lookin' you should really stick to the groomed runs so everyone can enjoy your beauty."

I had to borrow my one piece because I've misplaced mine over the years.  You can see, it really does nothing for my curves.  :) 

Now Heather D & Shuler. . .they were rockin' their classic Bogner suits hard!  The runs at Deer Valley are mellow enough that it really isn't a challenge to enjoy your PBR while skiing.

We accidently downloaded on our last run of the day.  What?  How did that happen? 

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