Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 30 ~ Better with a friend

Saturday.  Even a bunch of fresh snow couldn't get me to sit in the shit show of traffic headed up the canyon this morning.  I waited it out, thought it was safe, and found it was still backed up to the stoplight by our house.  So I went around the block and spent an hour shoveling the driveway.  It was still snowing so I figured I would let the crowds thin out before I headed up to enjoy what mother nature has decided to drop on us for days now.

I went out again, around 11 am, and felt like it was a wise decision.  I hit a little bit of slow traffic near the top as people were parked everywhere along the road outside of Snowbird.

By Noon I was skiing. By 1:30ish I came off the rope tow from 3rds and I wasn't feeling very motivated.  I went into the Goldminer's Daughter for a hot chocolate.  They have the best hot chocolate.  They mix Ghiradelli syrup with whole milk in the morning and then they steam it to order.  I ran into Jack while I was ordering my hot chocolate. 

We decided to take a run together and it changed my day.  He was so much fun!  There is just something about having a friend to reflect the joy of the experience with.

We skied far right off of Thirds, which I had never done.  He took me thru the Willows (I almost lost a ski).  Jack said, "just run right into the willows."  "You can ski right over them."  Well, I did run right into one.  I think he meant the little ones.  It was super fun and fast, a gully of fresh powder.

I finished my day on another run I had never done.  I skied off of Wildcat to the P-Dog.  Jack said, just stay farther left than you think you need to.  It was fun exploring and there was nobody over there. 

More Snow Tonight!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Deer Valley Sucks.  I know, that is harsh.  I'm sure it has some attributes that I missed because of the lack of snow.  Thankfully, we had beer and funny outfits so our day was still a great deal of fun!

"As good as you're lookin' you should really stick to the groomed runs so everyone can enjoy your beauty."

I had to borrow my one piece because I've misplaced mine over the years.  You can see, it really does nothing for my curves.  :) 

Now Heather D & Shuler. . .they were rockin' their classic Bogner suits hard!  The runs at Deer Valley are mellow enough that it really isn't a challenge to enjoy your PBR while skiing.

We accidently downloaded on our last run of the day.  What?  How did that happen? 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 22

Heather D and her friend, Shuler came to ski Alta.  We had a fun time traversing around the mountain looking for trouble. 

It doesn't look steep from here but it was fairly intimidating from the top.  We had to slide our way down and pop thru a couple of narrow trees.  Heather D didn't want to let go of the tree!

Shuler pointed it and appeared to be in the clear when something caught her ski and sent her tumbling down the side of the mountain.  Shuler hasn't been on skis for many years but you wouldn't know it watching her determination as we bounced from one black diamond to the next. 

Friday, January 08, 2010

Day 19

Couple of hours by myself.  Forgot my ipod.  My knee injury from the other day didn't hurt.  I think the couple days of rest were good for me.  My queen dork moment of the day was I did 90% of a run with the lower part of my boots unbuckled.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 18

2+ hours by myself.  I rocked the Desert Mix, again, on my ipod.  My 2 favorite runs were from the hike above ballroom.  It was a relatively short boot pack.  I was breathing heavy and grateful for my ipod.  Both times the songs seemed to encourage me to the top. 

I ate shit in the gully today.  I dropped in tentatively and I think I forgot to look thru the ramp/jump to the top.  Basically I stuck my skis in the wall of the ramp and crumbled.  It hurt my left knee, the one that I have already been having trouble with.  I should probably ice it.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 17

I inadvertently took the day off yesterday.  Today I went up and paid for my new boots - well, my new footbeds. 

I felt great on my skis today and I think it had everything to do with my boots.  They felt comfortable and I had control.  The most control I've ever had skiing!  I actually felt comfortable pointing it.  I listened to Erik P.'s 'Desert Mix' on my ipod. 

Zoe, at Deep Powder House, rocks!  He is a master bootfitter!  He created my footbeds, punched holes for my (yes, it is true) bunions, and wrapped the ankles of my liner so my heel wouldn't come out of the pocket.