Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 2

I bought a lift ticket today.  Full price:  $61.  It was worth it. The lifts didn't open until almost 11am.  I only crashed a couple of times.  I had moments where I felt like an All-Star (almost) and some moments where I couldn't turn because my legs were burning so bad.

Boy, did I feel out of shape!  I had to stop so many times to rest my legs.  Sitting here I can feel how sore my legs are.  When I got up it was hard to walk.  Aron is constantly giving me tips.  It will be fun when we can just ski together - when I can keep up.

It is still snowing.  I'm curious to know how much it snowed today.  The deepest I skied was Punch Bowl.  It was up to my mid-thigh.  Punch Bowl was my first run back on skis.  It still feels steep.

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